Suspension – removal of seized components

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Rubber bushes which incorporate steel sleeves in the inner hole (crush tubes) are frequently seized between the crush tube and their supporting pin, making removal difficult. Examples are the front eye bush of rear leaf springs, the top outer bushes on MGB/C and Midget, lower inner bushes on the Midget, MGC and V8 (or TF,MGA,MGB where fitted with the V8 style bushes at the lower inner).

In addition, components in the trunnion joint at the bottom of the kingpin of Midgets (in particular) and also TD/TF/MGA/MGB can get rusted together.  In the Midget, the trunnion pin seizes into the bottom of the kingpin, while in the T/A/B the bolt seizes into the bearing tube occasionally.

The best and simplest way of dealing to this problem is to cut the offending pin or bolt immediately either side of the bush (ie between the eye in which the bush sits and the member which supports the pin or bolt).

For most situations, use a 1mm thick cut-off wheel in an angle grinder or similar to slice the pin. A standard hacksaw will do a few locations such as the top outer pins.

In some instances, access with a cut-off wheel is impossible without damaging surrounding bodywork/suspension members. In these cases (or as an alternative for the easier ones) use a good reciprocating saw with a 4-5″ metal cutting blade.

Using either method will cut cleanly and neatly through the pin on either side of the eye, damaging nothing other than the pin it is cutting. Takes about 2 minutes total. All that’s left is to drive the pin and frozen sleeve out of the eye with a decent punch and remove the stranded bits of rubber.

Works a treat.

However, the lower outer pin in the Midget front suspension – which as noted above can seize into the bottom of the kingpin (and/or the bushes if the car has not been greased properly) – is a bit more problematic as the pin is much harder. These need the cut-off wheel or similar to slice the pin between the kingpin and wishbone on both front and rear as most saw blades will make hard work of the pin. If the pin is seized into the rear bush it will be necessary to replace the threaded bush, or the complete wishbone if preferred.

When reassembling, ensure that all bolts/pins which go through steel crush tubes are liberally coated with anti-seize compound such as copperslip or Loctite 767.  It will be much easier next time they need to be serviced!

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