Paul Walbran has been an MG owner and devotee since 1966, and since that time has amassed a considerable amount of experience of the marque and the enjoyment it offers, from open road touring to competition. He also knows of the frustrations, such as seized bolts, skinned knuckles, and mechanical gremlins & mysterious noises that take a lot of tracking down! As an MG Car Club member since shortly after buying his first MG, Paul has taken part in a wide range of activities, including trials and motorkhanas, hillclimbs, racing and rallying. He prepared MGB’s which entered (and completed) the 1973 and 1985 International Rally of New Zealand, the latter a round of the World Championship that year.

As the MGB’s homologation lapsed at the end of 1985, this was one of the last full international events (possibly the last?) entered and completed by an MGB. Since 1971 Paul has been on the Club committee in a number of roles and was elected life member in 1985.

When their family started arriving in 1982, rather than follow conventional wisdom and part with their MGB (or relegate it to a minor role), Paul and his wife Bronwyn just kept on finding extra seats and belts. Four children later they could still take in the delights of open MG motoring without having to worry about babysitters!

This interest and enthusiasm led to the establishment of this business in 1981, a time when MG production had just ceased (supposedly permanently) and the supply of parts was patchy and sometimes difficult. Since then, not only has MG gone back into production, but parts for previous models have also been remanufactured to such an extent that there is now a better range of parts available, at usually more favourable prices, than for many current new cars.

This fortunate situation means that MG’s, particularly the MGB and Midget, have remained as practicable car to use on a regular basis.

By utilising the buying advantages of over 30 years’ association with UK suppliers who are now part of Moss Europe, Paul and Bronwyn are pleased to offer to you a wide range of parts at favourable prices which help this to continue.

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