Alloy wheel options for the Midget

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Midgets with the square wheel arch at the rear (all of them apart from 73-74 models) are very tight for clearance on wheels and tyres, so when fitting alloys it is important that you make the right choice if you want to avoid expensive bodywork to gain clearance.

Performance Wheels do a 13″x5.5″ Superlite .It’s touch and go as to whether these will fit a square arch Midget. We have encountered a number of customers who have had Superlites fitted who have had problems with fouling the inner wings. As I understand it, they are clear static but foul on bump and cornering, even after jacking the wheelarch.

On the other hand, our K Midget is running 14×5.5″ Minilites with 175-60×14 Formula R’s (quite wide on the tread) and 175-65 road tyres. It cleared on the right hand side, but fouled lightly on cornering on the left (Asymmetrical bodyshell as usual!).

We jacked the left hand rear wheelarch about 5mm at the rear intersection of the tyre and arch – as much as you could go without creasing the outer wing. That solved the problem, but we do have a panhard rod fitted and without it we get light rubbing.

The difference between the two wheels according to my listings and measurement is not great. The backspace (mounting face to inner edge of rim) is listed as 101mm for the Superlite, whereas for the Minilites I have measured it as 103mm.

So the Superlite is offset 2mm more to the outside than a wheel which already needs jacking on the left (it’s usually the left which is a bit tighter) and a panhard rod to keep things in place.

My conclusion would be that without either of these measures you’ll have a problem with the 13×5.5″ Superlite, with them you might squeak through but it may depend on the actual body, it’s previous history and how any repairs in the area have been done.

The alternative to this is the 13×5″ Minilite, which clears comfortably.

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