Get the best from your classic with a PWM tune-up!


  • We understand twin carburettors! (and triples too of course). In particular we know that it is futile trying to fiddle with carburettors if the fault lies elsewhere, and the importance of checking other aspects of tune first.
  • We can overhaul carburettors if they need it and you would like us to do so.
  • We understand that ignition timing needs to be right under all conditions, not just idle, and know how to repair worn ignition advance mechanisms to restore your engine’s power and economy.

  • We specialise in fast-road spec upgrades, delivering good performance gains and value-for-money whilst retaining good driveability. Or if your engine has already been modified we can find the carburettor and ignition settings that make it work best.
  • And if you are a serious racer, we can build an engine for you too.


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