Electronic Ignition

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In principle there are three types of electronic ignition:


  1. Points replacement module:  this substitutes an electronic switch for the mechanical points.  It has two big advantages over the olds points system:
  • There is no deterioration in spark quality as the contact surface of the points deteriorate with age.
  • It removes the drift of ignition timing that occurs as the points wear (approx 1 degree per thou wear) and so maintains a much more consistent state of tune.

This system works in conjunction with either the existing coil, or a change in coil – for example to a sports coil which generates more voltage.


  1. Kit which incorporate a spark booster:  This includes the points replacement element as well as other components (of varying types) that boost the spark voltage.


  1. Full electronic distributor: A complete new distributor which incorporates full electronic control over ignition advance, rather than using the original distributor and its mechanical means of controlling advance. These units come as either fully programmable or with a selection of pre-set advance curves to chose from.  Don’t incorporate a voltage boost, work with whichever coil you choose as per points replacement kit.


Naturally the more a kit does the more it will cost.

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