Fitting windscreen seals

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Windscreen glazing seals can sometimes appear to be too short or too long. This happens because the seal gets slightly compressed or stretched during the fitting process. If this happens, start again this way:

MG Midget and MGB Roadster:

  • Lie the seal against the screen, positioning it as symmetrically as possible. The join in the seal is usually in the centre of the top of the windscreen.
  • Fit each corner.
  • Then fit each side in turn, slightly compressing the seal against that which is already fitted as you work along each side.
  • Sometimes it can be overcompressed, resulting in the seal appearing to be too short … in which case return to start!

A bit of practice (trial and error!) will establish the right amount.


  • Fit the rubber to the body first, not the glass.
  • Fit each corner.
  • Slightly compress the rubber lengthways as it is fed on to the lip of the bodywork so that it achieves an even amount of precompression across the width of the opening.
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