Engine Mount Restraint

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If you have a problem with

  • carburettors touching/denting the bonnet,or
  • engine mounts breaking under competition use

then read on …

On our Midgets we have put a restraint on the engine mount which allows for the normal range of engine vibration but prevents anything excessive. The restraint has the happy side effect of limiting carb travel upwards over bumps, though it was done mainly because we got tired of breaking engine mounts during autotest reverse to forward flick turns (aka J turns, but done properly it’s a straight line not a J) when the big clutch dump after getting first gear coincides with and engine mount already suffering from engine inertial loads as the car flicks round.

The restraint is simply a bit of flat plate bolted to the rear of the engine mount bracket, with a 1/2″ hole at the top. Through the hole protrudes a 5/16″ bolt which is secured firmly to the engine front plate. If the bolt is aligned with the centre of the 1/2″ hole then engine movement of up to 3/32″ (2.5mm if you insist) can take place without restraint. Anything more than that and it’s held back.

It’s been 100% successful, no contact in normal use, no more broken engine mounts or panel beater’s bills for straightening a carb-contact nipple out of the bonnet.

I haven’t needed it for any of the other cars, but the principle could easily be applied to other models provided suitable attachment points can be found.

Engine Mount Restraint

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