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What We Do

  • Servicing
  • WoF
  • Tunes
  • Repairs
  • Restoration
  • Fast road packages
  • Competition preparation


Meet the Team

Ian Munford, workshop manager, has a wealth of experience with British cars having previously been with Ken Stout Motors Jaguar for 27 years in a variety of roles from apprentice to service manager.

Tom Martin hails originally from Nottingham and is a very keen Rover man. He’s a wiz with tricky problems and as the youngest member of our team he is naturally the best man for anything to do with a computer!

Brad Walter joined us from Westward Ho! in Devon, England. Very much a keep calm and carry on man, he’s hard to rattle with some of the frustrating foibles our classics can throw at unsuspecting mechanics.

Wendy Neeley is our champion at making sure all the ducks are lined up so the rest of the team can get on with sorting your car, as well as the all-important job of keeping the workshop floor clean.

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